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Colostomy bag for kids

Colostomy bag for kids

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After working on the previews self initiated project about colostomy I meet a 4-year-old girl with colostomy and realised that there was a need to design a colostomy bag that could give the young kids with colostomy confidence. After observing and talking with several kids I realised that one of the big issues was being at the pool or the beach in the summer where the colostomy bag is exposed. With this insight in mind I designed a colostomy bag for kids that try to remove the shame and insecurity. The bag is waterproof and last between 2-3 hours, the bag itself is disposable but the “lid” is reusable. The “lid” is made in plastic and has a hard surface so the user do not have to worry about anyone or anything pressing on the bag and in the same time it creates a space for illustrations that gives the bag a different emotional value

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