Julie Roland Sørensen

Headset for the military

Headset for high noise military environments


// Headset              // high-noise environment             // military personnel

In this self initiated project I have worked with headsets for high-noise military environments. The main purpose of wearing a headset in high-noise military environments is to avoid hearing damage or loss and improve communication. Between gunfire, explosions and the roar of ship or aircraft engines, hearing quickly becomes vulnerable and even though the military is currently using headsets both for protection and communication, hearing damages are still a problem.

The design solution for this project is a headset for the land force military. It is a headset that focus on being intuitive and easy to use both when the user is taking it on and when the user is wearing it. The headset is easy to take on and adjust with the snap button adjustment system. It has 3 headband straps, one for the neck, one for the top of the head and one that fits around the chin. The purpose of having 3 straps is to make the headset fit tight to the head so when the users move around the headset will stay in place. It is also comfortable and only has soft headband straps with no hard materials that can create pressure points on the users head. The ear cushions are made of silicone gel which is a material that does not get warm but is still soft like foam. The headset can fit directly on the users head or on top of a helmet and the shape of the ear cups fit with a regular high cut military helmet.