Julie Roland Sørensen

Peri-urban toilet

Toilet for peri-urban environments

// Sanitation               // Intimate               // Safety

During this competition project the brief was to re-design the toilet focusing on peri-urban environments and work with a user centred and environmentally friendly design approaches. I designed a transportable toilet unit designed to fit for one family and therefore make the toilet experience safer and more intimate. The unit is shaped as a wheel so it can be transported from the home and to the land filled where the user can empty the toilet. To make it beneficial for the user to empty it at a land filled and not just anywhere I have designed a service. So when the user empty the unit at the land filled the user gets rewarded with blocs that can be used as fuel for cooking. The blocks are made out of waste material so the nothing gets wasted. I focused on the whole process the toilet goes trough and tried to incorporate the unit in the users life.

Pre-urban toilet2.jpg

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