Julie Roland Sørensen

Colostomy to go

Bag to storage colostomy equipment on the go

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During this self initiated project I have been focusing on medical design and ended up directing my project towards colostomy. As the number of colostomy patients are increasing, the need for products that adapt to normal life styles is bigger. A colostomy is a surgical procedure in which the healthy end of the large intestine or colon is lead through an incision cut in the stomach. As patients are getting younger, the need to be more mobile is rising. To feel safe, colostomy patients always carry around the products needed for changing their colostomy pouch. However men do not always carry around a bag. This bag has been designed to store colostomy products and to fit all situations in the users life. It gives the user the possibility of changing their pouch in public bathroom facilities. The products are systematically organised so users save time when changing their colostomy pouch on the go.


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