Julie Roland Sørensen

Prosthetic arm for children

Prosthetic arm for children with limb differences

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During this project I have been working with a Prosthetist and several users on a brief with the title  ”The New Body”. This projects focus was to create a prosthetic for children with an arm difference. Trough research I found out that this target group have several issues adapting to the current prosthetics there is on the market. Therefore I focused on designing a prosthetic that the users could easier adapt and relate to. The concept is containing three parts, the myoelectrical prosthesis arm, the everyday glove and the play glove. It is a transparent prosthetic arm that shows the cool robotic features inside.
A terminal device that has three fingers that expands over the whole palm for better grip but without any unnecessary fingers for appearance. The everyday glove keeps the electronic safe and clean even though the child is digging a hole in the ground and it can be washed in the dishwasher so it fits in to the users everyday life. The play glove that is a toy the child can take on the prosthesis like a sock puppet to motivate the child to activate the prosthetic arm more. The play glove has sensors in the finger tips, it connects with the battery in the prosthetic arm and when the user then open and close the terminal device the glove will light and make sounds in different ways depending on the interaction. As example if the user holds a glass very hard the whole prosthesis will light up and make a loud sound, where if the user only pressures light on the glass, only the fingertips will light up.

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